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I work with soulful seekers to illuminate your path to a life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy.

How do you describe an experience?

As an experiential healer and guide, it's one of my biggest challenges to describe what it's like to work together. Because each of us are individuals with our own past, our own feelings and emotions, our own life experiences, and our own journeys. 

And, despite our differences, I know this is also true: 

We all are worthy of joy. I know there's a loving divine wisdom that lives in each and every one of us who knows the answers to all our questions. I know we can be a force that can not only change our lives, but the world. 

Through my life's work, I've studied many spiritual practices to develop a journey all your own that will bring real, resonant, and permanent joy to live the life you hold in your heart. I call the experience of working with me the Journey to Joy and it is my sincerest hope to share easy-to-implement practices that will guide you to a life of clarity, acceptance, love, forgiveness, respect, awe, and, of course, joy.

Join me at the Journey to Joy™ Firewalk!

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We are taught from the time we are small children that fires burns.

If I can show you that you can walk over 1200 degree coals without getting injured:

What other limiting beliefs are you holding that are simply not true?

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Who I work with and how I help

I work with the Wanderers, the Seekers, and the Restless who know in their soul they can have more joy and feel genuine fulfillment. They care about themselves, the people around them and the people they don't know yet. They have the belief that if the can lean into their joy, they'll contribute more to the world.  Here's how I help:

Find freedom through meditation

Meditation gives you the freedom of choice. Freedom to choose the thoughts you reinforce and the emotions you empower. Meditation gives you the space to explore and unpack your domestication.

Transform through fire

Firewalking is one of my favorite tools for transformation. It's a visceral demonstration of how powerful you are and your true capabilities. Join one of the firewalking workshops.

Journey to Joy™ coaching

Accelerate manifesting the life of your dreams through private coaching. We will identify any blocks or barriers and use drum journeys, power retrievals and shamanic healing journeys to create transformation.

Hi! I’m Jim, aka NadaGuru. I don’t walk on water, but I do walk on fire.

I started teaching meditation and transformation tools because of my own journey. I achieved the American dream. I had done everything that “they” told me I was supposed to do: I was successful in my career, I had a big house, a beautiful wife, luxury cars, traveled the world, and played golf several times a week at my country club. And I was absolutely miserable. I was frustrated and angry. Even when things were going great, I was looking for the next disaster. I was supposed to be happy.

So, I started a journey to discover what made me happy. Exploring what lights me up and brings me joy and releasing what doesn’t. That Journey to Joy continues and I can guide you on the paths that I have discovered. Thus NadaGuru was born.

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Fall in love with the Divine Light within while sitting in stillness. 

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