NadaGuru is designed to share the practices and tools that have transformed me and my life and put me on a Joyful Journey. I love watching people Light Up when they have a transformational experience. I love creating and holding a container that allows people to heal the places that need love. I love being a mirror to remind You of the Divine Being You are. 

Through my NadaGuru events, programs, and experiences, I work with the Wanderers, the Seekers, and the Restless who know in their Soul they can have more Joy and feel genuine fulfillment. People like you, who care about themselves, the people around them and the people they do not know yet. They have the belief that if they can find their inner peace, they’ll contribute more to the world. They believe in Good. I teach tools that help you connect with the Divinity that resides within you so you can create a life of joy, health, and connection.

Hi! I’m Jim, aka NadaGuru. I don't walk in water, but I do walk on fire.

I travel the world exploring the Divine in people, nature, sacred sites, art, architecture, and history to guide the wanderers, the seekers, and the restless to more joy and true fulfillment.

I started teaching meditation and transformation tools because of my own journey. I achieved the American dream. I had done everything that “they” told me I was supposed to do: I was successful in my career, I had a big house, a beautiful wife, luxury cars, traveled the world, and played golf several times a week at my Country Club. And I was absolutely miserable. I was frustrated and angry. Even when things were going great, I was looking for the next disaster. I was supposed to be happy.

So, I started a journey to discover what made me happy. Exploring what lights me up and brings me joy and releasing what doesn’t. That Journey to Joy continues and I can guide you on the paths that I have discovered. Thus NadaGuru was born.

If someone asks you to go against yourself or give up your power, they are not for You.


Who I work with and how I help

I work with the Wanderers, the Seekers, and the Restless who know in their soul they can have more joy and feel genuine fulfillment. They care about themselves, the people around them and the people they don't know yet. They have the belief that if the can lean into their joy, they'll contribute more to the world.  Here's how I help:

Find freedom through meditation

Meditation gives you the freedom of choice. Freedom to choose the thoughts you reinforce and the emotions you empower. Meditation gives you the space to explore and unpack your domestication.

Transform through fire

Firewalking is one of my favorite tools for transformation. It's a visceral demonstration of how powerful you are and your true capabilities. Join one of the firewalking workshops.

Private coaching

Accelerate manifesting the life of your dreams through private coaching. We will identify any blocks or barriers and use drum journeys, power retrievals and shamanic healing journeys to create transformation.

Seven things that didn't make it into my bio:

1. I struggled with meditation.

I was introduced to Kundalini mediation in 1987 and was inconsistently intermittent for 20 years, finally establishing a daily practice in 2007. Initially I found it painful to sit in my own skin for 5 minutes at a time, but now I can drop in and connect with a breath.

2. I am a master firewalker.

Firewalking is one of my favorite tools. I first walked across the coals in 2010 and have facilitated thousands of people firewalking in the past decade. The Sundoor title of “Sakahan” signifies that I train other Firewalk Instructors.

3. I love being a father.

I have raised 11 kids over 23 years. At every school, dentist, and doctor appointment and vacations in nature camping, skiing, backpacking or on a beach.

4. I am a lifelong learner,

A University of Texas graduate and post University I have studied at the Unity Institute, Toltec Center for Creative Intent and the Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education. If I am not leading a workshop I am sitting in one adding more tools to my toolbox.

5. Some call me a biker.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast. Riding is my passion. I have ridden motorcycles through all 50 United States, 4 Canadian provinces, and the countries of Bali and Italy. I have two documented “Iron Butt Association” rides of 1000 miles or more in a 24 hour period.

6. Nature is divine.

I feel connected to Spirit in Nature hiking, camping, skiing, backpacking and summiting the occasional mountain. In the past 15 months I have summitted Mt. Elbert in Colorado, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Mt. Snowden in Wales and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

7. I am spiritual Ronin.

The word “Ronin” is defined as a wandering samurai who has no lord or master. I’ve studied many religions and incorporated the practices that resonate with me into my life and my spiritual toolbox. But I don’t adhere to a single ideology. I resist labels others have placed on me: Teacher, Shaman or Healer…I prefer Guide. The name NadaGuru came from the Spanish word Nada, meaning nothing and is a word play on “Not a Guru”. I believe the Divinity you seek resides within you and we just need to mirror that reflection to one another.

Join me at my upcoming Firewalk!

We are taught from the time we are small children that fires burns. If I can show you that you can walk over 1500 degree coals without getting injured:

What other limiting beliefs are you holding that are simply not true?