April 2, 2022

Firewalk Workshop

Ignite your passion and incinerate your fears!

Are you curious? driven? a spiritual seeker? Walk through your fears to lean into your joy and become your best you!


Tell me if this sounds like you:

You feel restless and know in your Soul you can have more Joy in your life and feel genuinely fulfilled.

You secretly, or openly, desire to quit the "rat race" and thrive doing what you love. 

You celebrate the progress you have made but know in your bones you can do so much more. 

You know you are so close to making that pivotal shift that will enable you to manifest the life of your dreams. You just need to uncover that missing piece.

Believe me, I get it.
That's why I facilitate Firewalks so you can:

Expand your energetic body

Learn tools to raise your energy, expand your energetic body and hold and maintain more energy. The more energy you can hold and access, the more effective you are in manifesting your intent. You will learn practices you can use to raise your energy and increase your capacity.

Shatter your fears - literally

You will be guided through exercises where you can face and overcome your fear. These exercises provide you the demonstrated experience of breaking through your limiting beliefs.

Release what no longer serves you

Identify your fears and limiting beliefs and release them. The fears and beliefs that are holding you back from the life of your dreams. Identifying and letting go your limiting beliefs is the first step in creating your best life.

Demonstrate what you are truly capable of doing

We are taught from the time we are small children that fire burns. If I can show you that you can walk over 1500 degree coals without getting injured.

What other limiting beliefs are you holding that are simply not true?

Hi, I'm Jim aka NadaGuru.

I don’t walk on water, but I do walk on fire. I travel the world exploring the Divine in people, nature, sacred sites, art, architecture, and history to guide the wanderers, the seekers, and the restless to more joy and true fulfillment.

I started teaching meditation and transformation tools because of my own journey. I had achieved the American dream. I had done everything that “they” told me I was supposed to do: I was successful in my career, I had a big house, a beautiful wife, luxury cars, traveled the world, and played golf several times a week at my Country Club. And I was absolutely miserable. I was frustrated and angry. Even when things were going great, I was looking for the next disaster. I was supposed to be happy.

So, I started a journey to discover what made me happy. Exploring what lights me up and brings me joy and releasing what doesn’t. That Journey to Joy continues and I can guide you on the paths that I have discovered. Thus NadaGuru was born.

NadaGuru is designed to share the practices and tools that have transformed me and my life and put me on a Joyful Journey. I love watching people Light Up when they have a transformational experience. I love creating and holding a container that allows people to heal the places that need love. I love being a mirror to remind You of the Divine Being You are.

Through my NadaGuru events, programs, and experiences, I work with the Wanderers, the Seekers, and the Restless who know in their Soul they can have more Joy and feel genuine fulfillment. People like you, who care about themselves, the people around them and the people they do not know yet. They have the belief that if they can find their inner peace, they’ll contribute more to the world. They believe in Good. I teach tools that help you connect with the Divinity that resides within you so you can create a life of joy, health, and connection.

This workshop can change your life in a few short hours.

Find the transformation you've been dreaming of through this inspirational workshop focused on living from your essence, rather than your fear.

 Rewire your mind so you can release the old paradigm and step into your new future. 

Experience healing and deeper connection with the body while you transform fear into joy.

Personal empowerment: Raise self esteem and Improve efficiency & productivity. 

Identify & Remove obstacles and expand your edges.

Improve mental clarity & focus. 

Master skills for raising energy.

I teach Firewalking - so you can live the life of your dreams. 

After this Firewalking workshop you'll know these things:

Raise your energy 

Learn skills for raising your energy and increasing your capacity for joy. Master your mind and choose joy over fear. Learn to expand your energetic body and hold, maintain and direct your energy.

Overcome Fear

Walk through your fears. Literally. And in doing so, embody the sense of overcoming your fears. This will release your from your fears and propel you into joy.


The concept of gestalt states that the value of the Whole is is greater than the Sum of its parts. Translated this means when supported by Community we can easily do things we struggle to do on our own.

Increase your Joy

Be at choice to lean into what lights you up. Choose Joy. By mastering your mind you get to be at choice on what thoughts and emotions you feed.

Release blocks

Identify and release thinking and patterns that no longer serve you and prevent you from achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams.

Here's what people have to say about NadaGuru

I have always been impressed with Jim's ability to humbly hold space, to create a "container" for others. I personally do not have an interest in leaders who are self-proclaimed masters, but in those who embrace their human-ness at full capacity. It is refreshing to meet such leaders as they are few and far between.

Lisa Dowling


I started meditating many years ago, and explored different teachers, styles and learned a lot. About meditation. About myself. I can easily say it changed my life. And the journey continues as I recently joined a meditation group led by Jim.  I was blown away by how he weaves real-life stories of his own vast experience (and those of his students) into his teaching.  He provides the group with a safe space, so that it becomes easy to drift into deep meditation, let go and experience the moment. I can't wait to see what else I will discover in his upcoming course!

Beate Janssen

The Wize Dog

During my experience in several workshops with Jim I gained insight on how to deepen my meditation practices. The time spent was well worth it and continues to shape my thinking and spiritual practice to this day. I've attended several workshops and had zero regrets! Jim is an outstanding and caring instructor. If you're thinking of attending, I would highly encourage you to do so!

Jon Wharton

Burnet Ranch

If this is the year when you finally decide to say yes to:

● More Joy and Fulfillment so you can contribute more to the World.

● Clarity around your Desires and Priorities.

● More Connection with your Self, Family and Community.

● Freedom from fears and limiting beliefs.

● Responding to Life rather than Reacting to Life.

● Manifesting the Life of your Dreams.

Enroll in Firewalking Workshop

In this firewalking workshop, you will learn how to safely cross the coals and use the experience to create shifts in all areas of your life. Commune with the fire to break through limiting beliefs and reach self-realization and empowerment. Harness the power of the fire for deep healing, inspiration and life-altering change. Use the fire as a teacher and overcome obstacles.

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What is firewalking?

It's the practice of walking barefoot on hot coals.

Do I have to walk?

We encourage everyone to listen to their inner voice and suspend the decision to walk or not to walk until they are at the coal bed and only walk when they feel ready.

Is it real fire?

Yes, burning at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Do I actually walk on a flaming fire?

No, you will walk on a bed of coals.

Can I have an alcoholic drink for courage?

No, you won’t be allowed to take part if you have consumed alcohol or taken recreational drugs.