Journey to Joy™ meditation program

Meditation gives you the freedom of choice.  The freedom to choose which thoughts and feelings to empower. The freedom to choose where to place your focus. 

Are you ready to Be the best version of You?

At times I've struggled with making the time to meditate.  In my experience meditation is a time machine . It actually gives me back time. Meditation makes me more focused, effective and I get more done. But more importantly where I choose to spend my time and energy are more an alignment with what brings me joy.

I want to invite you to lean in to finding what brings you the most joy.  

I get it – I teach meditation so you can: 

  • Choose Joy!
  • Choose Peace.
  • Feel Connected
  • Create time warps.



Jim Gardner

I don’t walk on water, but I do walk on fire. I travel the world exploring the Divine in people, nature, sacred sites, art, architecture, and history to guide the wanderers, the seekers, and the restless to more joy and true fulfillment.

I teach tools that help you connect with the Divinity that resides within you so you can create a life of joy, health, and connection.