The Element of Fire is a powerful Teacher, Healer and Transformational.

What if I can show you a limiting belief you hold is simply not true?

What other limiting beliefs are you holding that are simply not true?

Are you ready to have Freedom from your Fears and Be the best version of You?

Freedom from Fear. You will learn to literally walk through your fears. The visceral, physical experience of walking across fire,  through one of your most primal fears, creates a shift that will allow you to release other fears. The fears that are standing in your way of living your best life.

Higher Energy. You will learn tools to raise your energy levels on demand and hold and maintain higher energy levels. The more energy you have and hold, the better you feel and the more effective you are in your life.

Joy! Firewalking is fun! When you break through your fears there is Joy waiting for you on the other side. 

Community. The concept of gestalt teaches us that the value of the Whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. The group will hold you and support you in the workshop and in your transformation.

Hi, I'm Jim aka NadaGuru.

I’m a transformation guide who works with the Seekers, the Wanderers, and the Curious who yearn to manifest the vision they carry in their heart.

Through NadaGuru, I offer workshops, courses and exclusive coaching programs to get my clients in tune with a meditation and spiritual practice that brings peace and clarity to their lives. I offer live support and guidance so my clients can find a personal practice that ignites connection, emotional equilibrium, and transformation, all within a loving and safe community, where they’re free to explore, free to flow, free to connect…where they’re just free, plain and simple.

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