The Element of Fire is a powerful Teacher, Healer and Transformational.

What if I can show you a limiting belief you hold is simply not true?
What other limiting beliefs are you holding that are simply not true?

Are you ready to have Freedom from your Fears and Be the best version of You?

Set the stage here for where your MVC is in their life and the transformation they're looking for, and that you deliver. Keep this short and sweet - just information so they know they're in the right place and motivated to download your opt-in. 

I get it – I lead Firewalks so you can have: 

  • Freedom from Fear.
  • Higher Energy.
  • Joy!
  • Community.


Jim Gardner

I don’t walk on water, but I do walk on fire. I travel the world exploring the Divine in people, nature, sacred sites, art, architecture, and history to guide the wanderers, the seekers, and the restless to more joy and true fulfillment.

I teach tools that help you connect with the Divinity that resides within you so you can create a life of joy, health, and connection.